Ever wondered if your mobile was a cost-effective video and stills cam? It is.

Posted on August 21, 2013


Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

iPhone tends to have the advantage over Android and other mobiles (Windows 8 has barely launched though and it has a game changer in the Nokia Lumia 1020) in that it has a range of accessories developed especially for people who want to create stunning images on their phone or shoot and edit video.

An app to recreate DSLR standard pictures on your iPhone is just one of the many rich programs available for Apple fanciers. Take a look at this review of 645 Pro by a seasoned photographer and the range of effects and controls you can apply to your humble mobile cam. Everything from shutter speeds, focus and exposure to coloured filters and digitised film grades from the 1960s to the present day. More high quality snapshot than an alternative to your expensive Canon kit and lenses, but it adds some excellent fine grain control to one of the world’s most popular mobiles.

List me
Who doesn’t love a list? Buzzfeed maniacs and most of the general populace go crazy for ’10 things you should know about…’ style content. So why not try this Pro Camera blog post with its ’50 things I have learned about mobile and iPhone photography’ headline. Some down home advice on getting the best shots and some more in-depth hints.

Apple for teacher
Education is the name of the game and now Apple is casting its net to find higher education professionals who can become ‘Apple Distinguished Educators’ (ADEs). You have to be a passionate advocator of Apple technology, be able to provide advice on integrating it into learning environments and publish on the subject. If you fit this criteria then go to the website for ADEs and fill in the application.