Hollywood style film making for your mobile and apps to give you greater control

Posted on September 10, 2013


Hollywood is taking the smartphone revolution seriously: film festivals based on hand-held submissions, the smartphone’s use as a device to watch film and related content, plus the big studios looking for talent among mobile shooters. Aspirations run deep among film makers and producers alike, but even if you don’t want to shoot a feature length movie you should investigate a great book from director Taz Goldstein on mobile film making.

HHH book

‘Hand Held Hollywood’ is an in-depth look at everything from storyboarding and shooting to editing and colour correction. Goldstein has done his research and lists around 200 apps and accessories that you can use to enhance filming on your iOS device (iPhone and iPad). Unfortunately it doesn’t extend to Android phones or tablets, so if you’re an Android user like me then you’ll either have to go Apple or look for alternatives to Goldstein’s list. There are compelling reasons to go with Apple devices for film making – standardised platform (too many different handsets for Android), better creative editing packages (like Pinnacle Studio, Voddio etc) and generally more professional apps for getting professional grade results (see below). Worth considering if you want to play catch up with the broadcast and pro-studio crews.

Watch this space for Android alternatives. They are out there – Lumia 1020, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy NX – and more are on the way.

Remote control
Okay, sorry Android users but I’m duty bound to list a couple of really useful remote control apps for iOS devices. First up is CTRL+ Console for iPad. This handy piece of software allows you to control the popular film editing suites Final Cut Pro 7 or FCPX and Adobe Premiere from your iPad. Buy gesture controlled consoles from the app store that the producers say offer as much functionality as consoles costing in the region of $3,000 for $29.99 (FCP and Premiere editor) or $4.99 (for the controllers).

Video transfer
Want to send video from your iPhone or iPad to your PC? Video transfer from Capable Bits allows you to push video and photo images from your devices with ease. Quicker than methods like Bluetooth and runs in the background. For only $0.89 it appears to be great value.

Muku Shuttr

Shutter duo
Thankfully there are products that cover Android and iPhone. Muku’s Shuttr has blitzed its target on Kickstarter and this remote control camera trigger looks like pure gold for those obsessed with ‘selfies’. It can also function as a remote powerpoint controller.