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App, app and away: Building your own and maker culture

October 30, 2013


Ever wanted to build your own mobile app, but wondered how to take the first step? Well, thanks to a growing number of online and mobile apps you don’t have to spend thousands or outsource to an agency to dip your toe in the water. There are a number of online development sites, tutorials and […]

iGEM 2013: Synthetic biology and the race for international gold

October 24, 2013


Synthetic biology is among the most exciting emerging fields in international science. Ever since J Craig Venter’s team became the first to create synthetic life – a bacterium containing its own web address, three quotations and the names of its 46 contributing scientists – the race has been on to turn pieces of DNA into […]

Video and HTML5: gains for online courses, MOOC development and online broadcast

October 18, 2013


HTML5 video development continues apace and the academic community should really be interested in the possibilities offered by open source development in the multimedia space, specifically video of course, in teaching. Massively open online courses (MOOCs) and related trends in the way people access courses in higher education – such as learning management systems (LMS) […]

Maker Chris Thorpe talks up the potential of 3D print for UK manufacturing

October 8, 2013


Chris Thorpe is a wily old campaigner. On his Thinking Digital 2013 speaker profile he described himself as a ‘coder, craftsman and creative explorer’. Decide for yourself: he has a PhD in structural and molecular biology, was there coding at the beginning of the world wide web and has been responsible for projects as diverse […]

Award winner Jack Andraka brushes up on carbon nanotubes for revolutionary pancreatic cancer test

October 2, 2013


To borrow someone else’s phrase: everybody knew that science was cool, but it also pays. Jack Andraka was the 15-year-old high school student who came up with a novel idea in testing for pancreatic cancer and has now become a feted guest at big science meets, jetting in to talk about his invention at international […]